Tuesday, September 28, 2010

secrets, secrets, they are fun- unless you need to bribe your kids...

So my darling hubby and I just booked a one week surprise trip to Disney World for our kids. We are so excited to spend some time near the holidays enjoying Mickey and the gang. We are a family who love Disney and usually visit the mouse every October. With Craig's job situation, we postponed our October trip and told the kids that 2010 was a Disney-free year. The kids were sad, but didn't know our secret.

Wouldn't you know that the kids have all been total stinkers today- the day we book the big trip? And I can't even threaten to not take them to Disney because they don't know we're going.

What kind of parent are you? I'm totally a threatener! I make my little darlings earn (or think that they are earning) every trip. Does this make them grateful? Not at all! But it makes me feel better... :)

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