Saturday, April 10, 2010

The post I wasn't going to publish...

I wrote this on my birthday in April-- just getting up the guts to publish it today...

I know what I've weighed at every significant point in my life. High school graduation- 132 College graduation- 161 Starting Teaching- 154 Marriage Proposal- 174 Wedding Day- 148 First Pregnancy -161 Second Pregnancy- 181 Third Pregnancy -194 After last baby- 211 Craig gets laid off- 191 Today on my 37th birthday-219

SERIOUSLY?????? 219 UGH- I'm grossed out just thinking about it-- So here I am, starting on my weightloss journey. Again...

I've been working with a trainer at Fitness Together, a studio here in the bubble. They rotate you through various trainers which is really cool because everyone has a different style. I started working out there in the fall but wasn't taking it seriously at all. I hardly was showing up and when I was, it was kindof a joke. I'd follow up a training session with a nice big Starbucks and a bagel or scone. (totally un-doing all the work I had put in).

I'm recommitting- I've worked out every day this week. I'm trying to make better food choices. I'm not drinking too much- mostly...

So I am thinking that if I commit to writing about this once a week, then I will feel accountable to someone other than myself---

Here's to it seeing less of me next week!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break madness

This year for spring break, we went to St. Martin with two other families. It was a magical and fun trip. From using passports for the first time to sailing on a pirate ship with Flat Stanley, the kids and the adults had an amazing time. Please excuse my straight-out-of-the-camera pictures/videos as I'm learining PhotoShop very slowly!