Monday, September 27, 2010


Being a stay at home mom, there are several different types of days that make up my life. Some days, I do, literally, stay at home and cook, clean, organize, do laundry (though to be honest, my hubby does most of the laundry because I suck at laundry- and not even on purpose like how I suck at painting). Then there are the days that I spend shuttling around running errands- grocery store, Target, new school shoes, Costco- it is super exciting. There are also the days when I volunteer at the school library, lunchroom, health screenings, kindergarten registration, tutoring, or writers workshop. Today was a totally different kind of day.

I don't know if I've written how lucky I am to have made an amazing group of friends in the six years we've lived in the bubble. Really- you couldn't have conjured up this group of women from a spell to make more fun, caring, amazing friends. These gals get me- the real me, not the me that shoves everything into the closet right before you come into my house.

Together, my friends and I created Monday-funday. Last year while Craig was still between opportunities, I had a lot of time. So one day, I sent out a group email to my girls to see if anyone wanted to go to the movies while the kids were at school. I'll say it again- we go to the MOVIES while the kids are AT SCHOOL! Monday-funday! It is a little guilty pleasure among my galpals. I love it!!! Today, we went to see You Again which was a perfect girls movie.

And three of us almost stayed for another movie--- LOVE IT!

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