Monday, June 6, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

It is the day before the end of school... I am so excited to spend some unstructured time with my kiddos-- but am thinking I should have signed them up for more camps...

Then I came across this post:

um... PICK ME! All I need after a summer of swimming, trips to the zoo, scraped knees, ghost in the graveyard, bike races, kickball, and catching lightening bugs is seven days in the city of love without my kids!

It sounds dreamy! Check out the link...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

another year...

So it is my birthday eve-- can I get a whoop whoop? (probably not since no one reads this blog! ha!) I had a lovely dinner out with friends after I registered my baby for Kindergarten. How can it be time for him to go to Kindergarten? I'm sad and ecstatic at the same time... I just can't believe it has been five years!

So speaking of five years- it is time to lose the baby weight, no? I'm so sick of starting/stopping various regimens- Weight Watchers, low-carb, exercising a ton, blah blah blah. Nothing has worked- though to be fair, I haven't really committed to much. Plus I caught a side view of myself in the mirror today in just my tank top and jeans and it wasn't pretty. I look like an egg on legs- seriously!!!

So- dear non-readers- I am thinking about making a commitment to me on the eve of my 38th bday. I'm thinking I'll do some sort of exercise every day- for 365 days. A whole year! I'm not sure I can do it- and I'm not sure I'll even tell anyone- but it would be a great way to be healthy and centered. I can certainly haul my cookies out of bed to walk on the treadmill every morning- or to the gym to swim (my favorite exercise by far!!!)

What do you think? Should I do it? I'm thinking if I don't start tomorrow- then I'll start on tax day. That will give me a week to wrap my head around the idea.. though I should probably just start tomorrow. We'll see what time I wake up! Stay tuned, dear non-readers!