Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And so it goes again...

So, Craig is home again. After six glorious weeks of employment, we're back to where we started. In some ways, the adjustment is even harder this time. I was finally going to have my house to myself as Bones didn't start preschool until yesterday. Instead, once again, I'm never alone. I think it is a harder transition this time because I was so looking forward to just having some time alone in my house to sort, clean, organize, cook, watch tv, just to be... I'm adjusting and praying that this will be a shorter hiatus than the last.

As a result of my recent re-companionship, I emailed my gym, Fitness Together, to have them refund my unused sessions- minus a 15% handling fee. This would result in over$3000 returned to our bank account- even with them keeping the handling fee. Hello mortgage! Much to my surprise, they won't refund my money. I'm pissed- they suggest I just use the sessions. When I joined up, they touted the fact that you can cancel any time, no commitment, etc- but now that it's time to walk the walk- they're running the other way. Now, I have a headache. I don't want to be forced to work out somewhere I don't feel comfortable. And I have a sick feeling in my stomach at the idea of going in there-

What should I do? Keep bitching? Call my attorney friends? Cry? UGH!

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