Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My kitchen smells so good!

So I'm taking dinner to a friend that had a baby today and I'm trying a new recipe- Butternut Squash Soup with Bacon and Apples. I'm also making homemade Mac and Cheese for the kids. It smells so good in my kitchen! I haven't been cooking too much lately just because I've been busy and/or lazy. I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy cooking- it is such a stress relief! I love the chopping and sauteeing and roasting and stirring. Mostly, I love making dinner at 2:30 in the afternoon. It makes my evening go so much more smoothly. I can spend time with the kids instead of parking them in front of the Wii while I cook dinner. (That being said, they will probably cry when I say we have to spend time together instead of playing the wii tonight!)

So here's the soup recipe- I'll update and tell you how it turned out. Ideally I'd post pictures of all the steps but I'm not even close to there yet!!!

Apparently, I'm not even to the point that I can paste in the recipe... I'll keep trying!

---back to add that the soup was SO GOOD! Still trying to get the recipe on here!

Monday, December 14, 2009

All I want for Christmas is a nap...

So much for daily blogging! Maybe my new year's resolution should be to blog once a week. I do find it helpful in keeping myself grounded that I can unload my thoughts/feelings here anonymously--that is until I'm discovered by anyone out there...

I am up to my eyeballs in getting ready for Christmas and am not much in the Christmas spirit this year. All I want to do is sleep. Every night someone has a bad dream or an accident and I'm up in the middle of the night making sure it's safe for the little ones to go back to sleep. My husband sleeps like the dead when he makes it up to bed from the couch so it is mainly left to me to solve the problems of the wee hours. I can change sheets of a bunk bed in about two minutes and can soothe a child back into safe slumber after a bad dream in about one.

But who is there to soothe Mommy back to sleep? A snoring Prince (not-so) Charming? The neighbors who leave their lights on all night illuminating my bedroom like a movie set? The dog who decides to throw up at 4:48am? Nope- I get in some of my best reading and thinking in between 3-5am. Once I'm up, I generally can't get back to sleep so this is the time I mentally check off lists for the house or gift lists. Sometimes I even throw in a load of laundry, but not too often. Usually I toss and turn for about an hour, read for about an hour, finally fall back to sleep around 5 and then someone has a bad dream around 5:30 at which point I give up and stumble downstairs for the first pot of coffee of the day.

I've heard that parenting young children is short years made up of long days. Someone forgot to add the part about the short nights.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't be tardy for the party...

My husband amazes me sometimes. He is the kind of laid back guy for whom deadlines and schedules have meant nothing. I am punctual to a fault. When we were dating, I remember several times when I would leave a note on my door with directions to various parties because he was so late- like two hours late. I was blinded by love and overlooked that his one major personality trait/flaw would drive me CRAZY for the next 65 years. While he has shortened his wait time, he still generally runs 15-30 minutes late for most things. I have lightened up and also tend to fudge start times so we only end up being fashionably late to functions.

Imagine my astonishment tonight when he is yelling at the kids for running late to soccer. They were actually trying to get to the fields early so the kids could play on the playground. Instead of helping get on cleats and jackets, filling water bottles, finding shin guards, getting everyone to go potty before they leave, he decided to sit in the car. That's right- he was early and so everyone (read I) had to scramble to go. Then, to top it off, when they weren't going fast enough, he got mad. Hello pot...

This is a classic example of how our kids learn from our actions. Once hubby started yelling, so did the kids. I wish I had videotaped the whole thing. He doesn't think that his example of being late for their entire lives has had any effect. Right...

He's lucky he is an amazing husband/dad in so many other ways because he'll always be tardy for the party. When the kids get married, I'm going to tell him it is happening a week before it actually occurs- then he'll be super early and prepared. Plus he'll look pretty cute sitting in his tux all week!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mean kids don't stray far from your parents...

So I didn't intend on making my first "official" blog post a rant but I guess it is turning out that way. Such is life!

I have striven to raise my kids to be kind, polite, caring, etc. They can be mean to each other, but are nice and respectful to kids and adults outside of our family. I have heard time and time again how sweet they are- and I always say "You should see them at home! Not so sweet there..." However, my oldest, C-Dub, has a new "friend" at school. This boy is a straight up bully. He has targeted C-Dub as weaker than he, and now he is teasing, hitting, and threatening my boy.

Mommy instinct is kicking in and makes me want to beat the living shit out of this seven year old boy. Instead I wrote a sensible email to the teacher just asking him to watch out for my boy. The best part about the whole situation is that C-Dub truly sees Bully as his friend. He doesn't realize that Bully is being mean to him. We had a talk and I told him to tell Bully that it hurts his feelings when he is taunted. Hopefully it will help! My sweet boy is sensitive and wears his heart on his designer sleeve. I can only hope that Bully will start leaving my boy alone before C-Dub realizes that he is being teased.

No one tells you when you have kids that your heart is walking around outside of your body! I can only hope that my heart learns to harden his to mean people-- just a little bit!

Sunday, September 20, 2009