Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All a-Twitter...

Twitter baffles me. I think it is cool and follow some really funny and interesting people, but I am astonished at who follows my Tweets. I'm really not that interesting...

I have 18 followers on Twitter-- Holla! (insert fist-pump here)
Here is the breakdown of my followers:
5 mommy bloggers or people related to said bloggers
8 friends
5 random people I've never heard of- two authors, two health gurus, and one young lady named SaharaXOXO

I think it is hilarious that SaharaXOXO decided to follow me. And she's not the first! How did she even find me? Does she think from my profile picture that I look like I'd be up for some fun? Has she read my recent Tweets about kids pooping on playdates and going to bed early? Do you think she's missing something in her life? It just cracks me up!

Thank you Sahara XOXO for making me laugh on a night when everyone else in the house is hysterically crying because they lost the privelage of watching Charley Brown's Valentines Day movie. (I told them to play nicely for 40 minutes- no fighting, no crying and we would have a surprise. Twenty minutes later, everyone was in bed. Good times, good times!)