Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First week of school blues...

I forgot how tired my kids are after school these first few weeks. Yesterday, C-Dub and Beanie were verbally and physically beating each other up within ten minutes of getting home. Bones got in on the action with a full body slam and a few choke holds. I yelled and put everyone in time out.

Today, I had them eat a huge snack. I set up the computer with a timer so that everyone could have an equal turn. Bean went first- all was well until the timer went off. Tears and a couple of "it's not fair!" ensued. Then it was C's turn. Within ten minutes of playing Webkins, he punched Bones in the weiner while Bones had him in a choke hold. Everyone went to spend time alone in their rooms so I could make dinner without sounding like a WWF referee.

C just came downstairs to request his own computer so he won't have to share with his siblings. Start saving your cash, sweet boy- technology is expensive!

Time to give the kids a healthy dinner and get them into bath/bed early. These kids are beat!!!

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